Monday, January 15, 2007

Dyson versus Miele

So we're thinking about getting a new vacuum, maybe not right away but sometime this year. From our research, we were all set to buy a somewhat expensive but effective Dyson DC 07 "All Floors." When we went to the local department store to check one out, the salesperson wanted to sell us an even more expensive Miele (not sure which model, but it was "mango red," a nice colour).

So which one is better? Or is there an even better alternative?

There are some interesting blogs and so forth out there that try to compare the two, but it's a bit like Microsoft versus Apple - people have views and hate the other guy.

So any comments are appreciated. And if some people click on the advertising links at the top of the page, then maybe I can make enough pennies to actually buy one of these vacuums!


Anonymous said...

I work in a vacuum store, and I can attest to the fact that the Dysons are fancy pieces of junk. People still rave about them all the time... even when they're coming in to drop it off for its millionth repair. Our repair area has been filled with little else since these came out on the market. And few of the parts are replaceable (not even the belt!) so when stuff fails, you can't easily fix it. There are die-hard fans, but I think they're just people that have been dealing with grandma's hand-me-downs or the Wal-mart $50 specials for too long. Of course your first quality vacuum is going to be great. It doesn't mean the Dyson is the best vacuum out there or even worth the money (how do you think they can afford to pay for so much advertising? The parts are plastic!).

Mieles are expensive, but they're at least worth it. And they actually last and clean well. I'm always surprised by how much thought is put into the design and how much they anticipate real cleaning situations. I have the Miele Mango Red and I can't imagine having to use another vacuum again.

Nicholas Greco said...

Thanks for the feedback. I'm warming up to the Miele vacuums. I wonder if Dyson's claim of unending suction is even an issue with the Miele vacuums?

Thanks again for the great response.

Anonymous said...

I've never had an issue with suction with my Miele (Hi, same anonymous person as before here), nor have I heard any Miele user mention it. I imagine the "problem" is almost laughable, compared to all the other little details they have covered. The suction is strong and unending.

Btw, I stupidly gave the wrong link before (I just pointed to the first red Miele I saw, I guess). The Miele Mango Red is here. Though the first link I gave is to a good vacuum too.

Nicholas Greco said...

Yup, that second link seems to be more like the one we saw at the department store (and closer to our price range). Thanks again for the comments. I will certainly take them into account.