Wednesday, August 17, 2005

My iBook: 16 June 2002 - 16 August 2005 RIP

So my iBook G3 700 mhz has officially given up the ghost. A replacement of the logic board would cost some $350 USD plus labour, which would be at least $65 CAD for consultation and probably another $130 for the installation. So now, I fear that I will need to delve back into the Windows world and buy a PC. The only reason for this is that it isn't the best time in the world to buy a Mac, with the Intel switch coming up next year and powerbooks probably being updated in the next few months (as the last of the PPC powerbooks).

My dilemma is whether to pick up a Mac Mini or something like that, or a much cheaper Windows box, running a low-end Sempron64. The attractive thing about a PC is that I can run WordPerfect, my favourite word-processor. I am, after all, writing a PhD dissertation.

It pains me nonetheless to leave the safe and enjoyable world of OS X for the extremely unenjoyable world of XP. Perhaps this experience will not be a terrible one; after all, I will be able to edit video and burn DVDs, something which, surprisingly, I have been unable to do on the inadequate iBook (processor-wise and in terms of HD space).

Finally, this transition means that I might end up buying a CRT screen, since they are much cheaper than the LCDs. Since my wife and I are going to Florida in September, it only makes sense that we try to cut costs (of course, this never applies to the many DVDs we buy, or our tea excursions, as is only right).

I only slept about 5 hours last night because of this. There might not have been real reason for my insomnia, but nonetheless I had trouble. Hopefully all goes well today.