Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Fountain Pens

My wife was gracious enough to offer to me a new and slightly more expensive fountain pen for my birthday, so we recently went out and looked for one. I, of course, first thought of a Mont Blanc, but quickly thought against it considering the price. So, what about Waterman? The first store we went to had a nice Waterman, green in colour, metallic and quite nice. The price was right as well, but I wanted to hold out to see if we found another. At the next store, we saw some that were quite nice, and then my eyes beheld this nice Waterman.

It was metallic blue, a bright blue, nice and bright, unlike some of the other pens we saw. The finish was like a satin finish--not matte, and not lustre-y. But a really nice, bright blue with silver clip and little accents. I thought the pen felt nice too. So we bought it and found out it came from the "Ici et La" ("here and there") line. Upon further research once we got home, I find out that this pen is targetted at women. In other words, the pen that I so liked is actually a woman's pen.

I don't think it really does look like a pen for a woman, but it does come in a little case not unlike something a girl might have, and the finish on the pen is "satin"-y. But I like it and I'm sticking to my story. I chose the pen without thinking that there was such a thing as a girl's pen, and I still like it.

Although, in doing my research, I did see that the original green Waterman we had seen was not as bad as I thought, and it would have been cheaper. Oh well, too late now.

Thank you, Antonella, from the bottom of my heart, for buying me a pen. And I appreciate the fact that you still love me even though I do things like choose a woman's pen. And I'm glad you like the pen too.