Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Orange shuffle

I bought myself an orange iPod shuffle yesterday. Despite a few quirks with iTunes, I love it. It's small and beautiful.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

BNL last night

The Barenaked Ladies show was nice last night. We were sitting pretty high up, but when we arrived, we couldn't even get into the 300s. We asked the usher and he said that the higher levels were closed and he gave us tickets for the last rows of the reds. So I suppose they didn't get enough sales in the nosebleed sections to warrant them opening it. And I guess they had extra tickets where they put us. The seats were fine.

And the band was great. The sound in the Bell Centre wasn't so great, but it also wasn't too loud (unlike the Morrissey concert we saw in Toronto back in 2004 - I think my ears are still ringing). And an original band member, Andy Creegan, made an appearance, as did Kevin Hearn's dad. They do put on a great show.

As for Morrissey, he's announced a 40 date North American tour. Does this mean he'll visit us seal-clubbing Canadians? I hope so. There are no seals here. And I don't club.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Boy, am I sickly!

I'm sick again. A bad cold. I had one before the defense. Thankfully, the week of the defense, I was sick-free. But after defense, I was hit hard with a cold AGAIN. I mean, really!!

I'm getting a paper ready on our favourite friend Feist for the Boston IASPM conference at the end of April. I have most of that paper written already, although I haven't looked at it in a little while. I'm working on final final (really final) revisions now to my dissertation, which I should really just try to push through and finish up. But with this sickness and all (and Firefly episodes on DVD), I've been putting off.

In other news, I've been in contact with a school out west regarding a possible position - very preliminary. I didn't get a SSHRC grant for a postdoctoral fellowship. I'm waiting on FQRSC. My wife and I are going to see the Barenaked Ladies on Monday night (I'll post a review here), and I have yet to register myself a domain name (so that I can have a real-life website that's not hosted by Yahoo!).

That's all for now.

Friday, February 02, 2007


After a very difficult defense, it's official. Thanks to all for your thoughts and prayers.

"Please join Dr. Darin Barney, Chair of the Department of Art History and Communication Studies, in congratulating Dr. Nicholas Greco, and his thesis supervisor, Dr. William Straw, on the successful defense of Dr. Greco’s doctoral dissertation, entitled:

“…Only if you’re really interested”: celebrity, gender, desire and the world of Morrissey”

Well done, Nicholas!"