Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Back to the same old ...

I can't believe that I'm writing another fellowship application. It's as if the process is unending; I'm writing another proposal for postdoctoral work for September 2008, a full year from now. In some ways, it's still exciting, to think that I might be able to explore how one discusses the singing voice, what it communicates, and why one might choose to listen to a voice in popular music. In other ways, writing these proposals is very discouraging. Although I understand that the grant application continues when employed, the lack of success makes me sad.

Nevertheless, I'm writing my proposal from (almost) scratch, trying to make it a bit simpler, and fixing some of the problems that the FQRSC committee identified. I should have something properly written before going away next week to see my wife's family.

By the way, for all you Brown Coats who might not know, the new Serenity Collector's Edition DVD comes out today. If you know not of that of which I speak, go out to your local DVD retailer and pick up a copy (in Canada, I can pick it up today for $20 minus a penny, plus applicable taxes). Shiny!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

100th post!!

Congratulations to me for making it to 100 posts. I started this blog on 25 September 2004, so it'll be 3 years in a month and a half or so (and maybe 101 posts at the rate I'm going).

My Canadian music paper is due tomorrow and will be done. I'm just finishing multiple proof reading and some tightening up of the text. It's not a bad paper (maybe it's a few pages short, but I don't need to ramble on - I'm sure there will be other papers that will be longer).

We're looking to go on vacation in October, if no jobs present themselves for me (which, right now, seems to be the case). It might be Disney, but we'll see. More updates soon.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

"I'm sorry, two words I always think..."

Again I've been ignoring posts to this blog, and I apologize. I've been working on the paper I've mentioned many times on Feist and Canadian-ness, and that's due in a week and a half. I also wrote up a review of a book by Nick Stevenson on David Bowie, and that also has to go out very soon. So, I've been keeping busy (or trying to, anyway). Plus, I've been checking out some minor health things - I hadn't been feeing well, and I'm in the midst of checking that, although I'm feeling fine now.

That's a bit of an update. I'll try to post more interesting things more often.

Another thing. Check out this google ad that showed up on this very blog. Not sure what that's all about, but it made me chuckle.

That's not really the Feist news I was looking for (by the way, if you are tempted, don't click the ad here as the above is only a lowly screenshot).