Friday, May 19, 2006

usb headset or microphone?

I'm looking to take advantage of Skype and free calls to land lines until the end of the year, but my mini has no audio input or microphone, so I have to find a usb microphone or headset. I notice that Best Buy sells inexpensive headsets for the PS2 that are USB, but I'm not sure if they would work with a Macintosh. They also sell cheap bluetooth headsets (the logitech express is the one I was looking at) but I'm not sure if that's any good either. Anyway, if you have any suggestions, leave me a message. Thanks.

Oh, and happy birthday to Antonella on the 17th, and Julia and Carrie around this time too. And Happy Victoria Day (or Jour des Dollards or whatever it's called in Quebec).

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