Thursday, August 07, 2014

Shaving with a Tech!

Today I decided to shave with the next razor that I acquired; some of the ritual used the same stuff as yesterday, though today was a little thinner on the ritual (no incense, for instance).

I began by using a shaving oil. You put a few drops in your hand and put a bit of water with it, then "massage" it into your beard. It works surprisingly well. The only problem is that one doesn't always know where one has shaved before (if one is not paying attention, which I am wont to do). Plus, I'm not sure if it was that I was using an old Astra blade, the razor below or carelessness (or a bit of all three), but I cut myself this morning. A small cut is nothing that an alum bar can't handle (rest easy, dear reader). I'm not sure I enjoy shaving with oil, but it does seem to work even when the shaver might think it isn't.

This Canadian Gillette Tech three-piece razor is from around 1938 to 1945. It is a solid little razor and cost around $15 at the antique store. It's nice, and goes to show that a DE razor can be obtained quite cheaply. It isn't really my "go-to" razor, though, especially now that I've cut myself with it (it might not be the first time; I generally don't document such things, as they are usually my fault).

Finally, I used the last of my Proraso line, "White" aftershave balm. It is wonderful stuff, with a light smell. It works well to comfort my face after a rather thoughtless shave.

Tomorrow, I will return to a modern razor, before returning (after that) to a slew of antiques. I'm sure you are shivering with anticipation!

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