Friday, August 08, 2014

Edwin Jagger!

This morning I did a terrible thing. I shaved using shaving cream that came out of a canister. Some have suggested that this is a truly terrible thing, as the propellant (the thing that makes the cream come out of the canister) disperses water, and water is a necessary ingredient in wet shaving. Well, nonetheless, I used it today, and everything, dear reader, is okay.

I shaved with an Edwin Jagger De89lbl razor, a very nice, reasonably-priced modern razor (under $40 and available at Amazon). It is solid, comfortable and good-looking razor (for those looking for that sort of thing).

(ignore that fleshy thing in the bottom left of the photo, which might be my hand)

But the bad thing is the shaving cream: I used Barbasol for sensitive skin. Why, you ask? Why would I allow such an abominable product to touch my precious face? Because of the ingredients. While it has all sorts of chemicals in it, it also contains the following: THYMUS VULGARIS (THYME) EXTRACT, CARICA PAPAYA (PAPAYA) FRUIT EXTRACT, SALIX ALBA (WILLOW) BARK EXTRACT, ALOE BARBADENSIS (ALOE). Apparently it also contains all sorts of poison. But that's another matter all together.

Next post, I get back to old-style razors for a week or so (and finally a new blade). Such fun shall be had!

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