Friday, March 14, 2008

I'm not feeling well (but here's a nice picture of my iPod)

Things are getting crazy here. I haven't been feeling 100% in the last few weeks, not sure why. I'm trying to get better before the next few weeks come upon me, as they may be a bit crazy.

I'm going to try to get another piece for a national religious publication out today. Thus far, none of my pieces have been approved for publication, but this one might.

I am half-way through a review of a book on authenticity and rock performance. I should be able to scrub that one together and get it out. Sometimes I just need to dedicate a relatively short time and just do what I need to. It's not that hard.

One of my chapters on Feist has been conditionally accepted for a book on Canadian popular music. The next 6 weeks will be filled with research for the revisions of that. I'm happy about this, though.

I was approached by a German publisher about publishing my dissertation. Apparently the only thing that separates this particular press from a "vanity press" is that it doesn't charge the author to publish the work (unlike something like, and it does pay royalties. The press also markets through and other online retailers. The publication, though, is not peer-reviewed.

I've been advised against publishing this way, though another colleague told me to go ahead, publish with this press, and then concentrate on publishing new material. The above piece on Feist will be the first publication of new material, which might be a signal to publish the dissertation with the German press. I'll have to think about it.

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