Monday, March 17, 2008

Approaching 150 posts

I'm very busy right now. I've had quite an eventful few days.

I'm off to Winnipeg to visit a school on Easter Monday, right after visiting my family in Ottawa. My Feist article has been accepted as a chapter in a book. I've been accepted to present a paper at the IASPM Canada conference at Brock University in May.

I still have that book review on the go as well as that piece for that national religious magazine (Friday was really productive).

I might be in the market for a laptop. It depends how today goes. I might require one for my little post-Easter trip.

(By the way, Friday wasn't productive at all, in case you didn't get my dry humour over the Internet)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Winnipeg: Yay! Feist: Yay! IASPM: Yay!

You've had an incredible week. May the good times keep on rolling for you, Nicholas - you deserve it!

I hope that you're feeling a lot better.