Tuesday, August 15, 2006

the morning after

So now that things have settled down, I'm still a bit uneasy. Not because I lost anything in that .rar overwriting episode - I didn't lose anything - but just because it's over now. I'm not done though. I still have my post-doc stuff to do, and I'm quite worried about that.

I am proud of my work, though. I think that my dissertation is an important foray into the nature of celebrity and a certain kind of star image, able to elicit desire by using certain strategies. And it leads nicely to future work on the voice and how one might approach its study theoretically (rather than simply using adjectives to describe a voice).

I've backed up my work on CD now (and putting it in a fire safe), and I've put it onto my USB key. So does anyone have any suggestions for FREE online storage which accepts more that a 10mb upload at a time? My dissertation weighs in at ~20mbs in total.

I'm thinking of buying an external HD as well - we'll see if this is worth it.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on being DONE!!

Auntie Christina said...

Congratulations, well done! Bask in the glow of achievement, a really tough task brought to completion.....the defence, though anxiety-provoking, just the final piece to be put in place to complete the picture.
Congratulations to Antonella also; we know without the emotional, psychological, financial support of a spouse, it cannot be done.
Bless you both. Love you much.
Auntie C and Uncle D