Monday, January 31, 2011

André Racicot

It's not really a secret that I used to be a major fan of Montreal goaltender André Racicot. In fact, I used to collect every possible variant version of his cards (I still have them). I remember that I once sent a letter to him (care of the Canadiens), hoping that he would send me an autograph, but I never received anything back.

I remember, also, when my father and I went to see the Canadiens play at the Corel Centre (now Scotia Place, or whatever) and there was a girl in the distance that was wearing a Habs jersey with "Racicot" on the back. My father encouraged me to go up to her and say hello (I didn't).

I did a search for Racicot just now and found a page on the Canadiens' web site that did a kind of "Where are they now?" interview, so I thought I would reproduce it here:
Where are you living these days?
I live in Ste-Agathe-des-Monts in the Laurentians.

What have you been up to?
I’m working for a mining company called Agnico-Eagle. We’re just starting a new project in Nunavut that will see us open a gold mine there soon.

How many times a year do you strap the pads back on?
I got back at it last November. I was in nets in a game honoring the 45th Anniversary of the Rouyn-Noranda Citadelles, my old junior team. Prior to that, it had been five years since I’d played though. I’ve got to say that it really got the juices flowing again. I still play in a beer league with my buddies but not in nets.

Are you still in touch with any old teammates?
I’m still in contact with a few guys from the Rouyn area that are around my age, guys like Eric Desjardins, Pierre Turgeon and Stephane Matteau. We get together every once in a while, but we all have our own families and hectic schedules.

How many Habs games do you watch per year?
I watch whenever I can and I make sure to catch a few games at Bell Centre each season.

Who is your favorite current Canadiens player?
I really liked what I saw from Maxim Lapierre last season. He works really hard and has a nice edge to his game.

What is the favorite piece of Habs memorabilia that you own?
I sold a few things, but I still have a few collector’s items. Aside from my jerseys that I still have, I’ve a collection of blown up action shots of myself.

Where do you keep your 1993 Stanley Cup ring?
It’s resting comfortably in a safety deposit box at the bank and I never take it out. It’s probably been about seven years since I’ve seen it.
I think it's a bit sad that he doesn't wear his cup ring. He should be proud that he was part of that team.

Yay André!!

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