Thursday, March 12, 2009

I apologize

I'm sorry for not posting for months and months. There are no excuses (in fact, I'm doing this right now instead of working on a lecture for tomorrow).

I should tell you that a lot has happened here in sunny Winnipeg. So you know, my wife and I are expecting a little one to arrive by the end of April. I sent another review to be published in Popular Music. I'll be presenting a paper on Barthes and "cruising" the voice of one Leslie Feist at the 2009 IASPM Canada conference in Halifax. And, this summer, I'll be preparing some book proposals, to see if anyone might want to publish my PhD dissertation as a book.

I'm also a Founding Fellow in the Canadian Institute for the Study of Pop Culture & Religion. You can find out more about the Institute by going to

So, that is all for today. Feel free to follow my Twitter stream - you can see it on the left of this screen. Hopefully I will post there more that I post here. Watch for more updates to come.

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hulia said...

Glad to see you are back....and CONGRADULATIONS on soon becomeing a Dad...thats amazing. Twitter, eh? I dunno. Technology is scaring me.
Take care - julia