Wednesday, July 16, 2008

There are plumbers here

We have plumbers ripping up concrete in our basement to install a sump pump and pit right now. I'm content that they are doing work but not so happy that the work needs to be done in any case. I'm glad that we are getting increased flood protection, and the fellows were also going to redo the pipes that are coming down from up above (because they are completely illegal), but the wall hasn't been moved yet (we were not told that this was going to be done today). In any case, it will be rescheduled. That means that the wall needs to be moved soon, as early as early next week.

I'm continuing to plan courses and that is going well. Two syllabi are well on their way, one is in development with a lot of supporting documentation from the publishers (which should be a great help). There is a 3rd year course on New Media which will be supported by a coursepack (actually, articles on reserve in the library). It will be extremely interesting. I have a great idea for a large-scale project, one which, while large, could be interesting for all involved.

The other night I drove from Niverville in the dark (maybe a 25 minute drive) - it went well. I am becoming more confident, although I don't like it so much.

That's all. I will update the work going on downstairs soon.

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