Thursday, June 12, 2008

Moving soon

I'm just getting ready to pack up the computer (although I just got a Macbook, so I won't be out of computer range) so I thought I would type a little note before ... um ... packing up the computer.

We're moving. The apartment is a mess of boxes. Almost everything is done except for some larger items, and I'm trying to get most everything of the rest in boxes before tomorrow. The truck is supposed to come, although I have yet to hear confirmation that they will in fact be coming tomorrow, and at what time.

In any case, the wireless network will come down tonight, and that'll be it for internet until next Friday (although we'll have access in Hamilton, on our way to Winnipeg).

As some might know, my sister is due to deliver her new baby boy any time now, so we are all excited for that.

I am entering another phase of my life. I never thought that I would get a job. I am anxious about it, although I know deep down that I can do it and things will turn out. I'm just very very very very scared. And, I think, when I'm scared, I freeze and things don't get done. So that'll be a thing to work on when we arrive in Winnipeg. This coming week will be a forced "relaxing" time before the busy-ness of home improvement and course preparation.

I will check in again when we arrive in Winnipeg. Thanks for reading, and for those who feel so inclined, please consider praying for us.

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LPA said...

Prayers in abundance! Best wishes on your move - and for your rest :)