Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I just finished watching Control, a movie by Anton Corbijn, about Ian Curtis and Joy Division. I was taken by this story since spending a train ride to Ottawa talking to a colleague about how Curtis is looked at as a tragic figure, whereas other popular music figures who have taken their own life might be seen as somehow heroic (Kurt Cobain is the most obvious example). Curtis was 23 when he was found dead. I'm not sure people are so comfortable even mentioning Curtis; his story seems to be so dark.

Above is the last photo taken by Deborah Curtis of Ian and their daughter Natalie, taken on 13 May 1980. He died on 18 May 1980. I encourage anyone interested to listen to some Joy Division. I can't guarantee that you will like it (I'm not sure I do), but it is something very interesting. Tragedy is all around, it seems.

(picture is from here).

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