Thursday, November 30, 2006

Ordered those Disney DVDs

Since I'm a total capitalist (it seems), I decided that I wanted to pick up the new Walt Disney Legacy Collection DVDs which feature a bunch of "True-Life Adventures," Disney nature shows. There are 4 full discs of these things, and I felt compelled to pick them up. I have enjoyed the Disney Treasures DVDs that have come out since 2001 or so, although I haven't actually watched all of them yet (there are 22 2-disc sets, as of this Christmas - that's 44 DVDs, around 88 hours probably). Point being, I ordered them. The future releases in the Legacy collection look fabulous, like a DVD of Oswald the rabbit, Mickey's predecessor, plus a Disneyland DVD, and also a DVD of the Salvador Dali-Disney collaboration, Destino. Anyway, Roy Disney, Walt's nephew, is the host on these DVDs.

Since I am a Disney shareholder, I guess I'm investing in a company that I own (1 share).

Same with Apple (2 shares).

That's all.

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